Q: What’s the minimum/maximum amount I can bet?

A: Oregon Lottery Scoreboard imposes minimum and maximum limits on the bet amounts at any given time based on the sport, odds, risk, and related factors. This will be communicated to the player when the player attempts to place a bet at a certain amount that the Lottery will not accept. We make no guarantee that any bet placed within or for the maximum stake shall be accepted.

Q: How old do you have to be to play?

A: 21+

Q: I added funds to my account, but my balance shows $0?

A: After you add funds to your Pay+ account, you must decide how much you want to deposit to your Oregon Lottery Scoreboard account. On the deposit page enter the amount and select the green Deposit button to confirm your deposit.

Q: Can I play Oregon Lottery Scoreboard outside the state of Oregon?

A: No. the game has a geo-fencing feature that requires Scoreboard players to be within the state of Oregon and not on tribal lands. A player can login and access their account from anywhere. This includes depositing and withdrawing funds to/from their account. A player will not be allowed to place a wager unless they are in Oregon.

Q: Why is my location being checked multiple times when I am in Oregon?

A: If you live near a border or tribal lands, we will need to verify your location throughout your session to ensure you’re still in an eligible playing area. Some tricks to help the locator find you are:

  • Mobile Device - Have location services turned on and Wi-Fi enabled. Using only cellular data makes it difficult to determine your location, and if you are using a VPN it will not work.
  • Low Wi-Fi signal – Your device may go between Wi-Fi and cellular data, which will trigger the location check each time this occurs. Make sure that if you are on Wi-Fi the signal is good.
  • On a computer - Wi-Fi must be enabled, and you may not use a VPN.

Q: If I win over $600, do I have to go to Salem or Wilsonville to collect my winnings?

A: No. All winnings a player has are deposited into the player’s account they established when setting up their account.

Q: Will my earnings be taxed and if yes at what rate?

A: The Lottery will withhold 8% states taxes for any Net Win that is greater than or equal to $1,500. 24% Federal taxes will be withheld for any Net Win that is greater than $5000.

In addition, a W2G will be provided for any Net Win that is greater than or equal to $600 and at least 300 times the amount of the Bet or if the Net Win is greater than $5,000.

Q: Will college sports be offered in the future?

A: The Lottery will engage with players, commission members, the Governor’s Office and other stakeholders to determine if expanding wagering opportunities to collegiate sports makes sense for Oregon.

Q: Will people be able to bet on the Kentucky Derby or other types of horse racing?

A: Horse racing will not be offered through Oregon Lottery Scoreboard, which includes the Kentucky Derby and any other large racing event.

Q: How are the odds calculated?

A: Odds are calculated the same way as a Vegas sports book. Lottery employs a vendor to analyze the games and set odds in accordance with Lottery’s risk tolerance.

Q: Can I bet using a credit card?

A: You can fund your Play Plus player account from a variety of sources, including: bank accounts, debit and credit cards.

Q: How come the money from Oregon Lottery Scoreboard is going to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)?

A: Voters and the Legislature determine where Lottery dollars go. The Legislature, this year, voted to dedicate Scoreboard revenue to help Oregon school districts cover employee retirement costs – thus freeing up school district dollars to fund teachers and textbooks.

Q: I already have the Lottery app, can I just use that to place my sports bet?

A: Oregon Lottery Scoreboard uses a separate app.

Q: Why don’t I see the Oregon Lottery Scoreboard app in Google Play store?

A: The Google Play store does not host gambling apps. You may download the Android version of the Scoreboard app directly from the Scoreboard website, or at

Q: Will there be a link on the Oregon Lottery app to direct people to download Scoreboard?

A: The current Lottery app will have a full “detail” section devoted to Scoreboard, just like every other game (PB, Scratch, MM, Video, etc). Additionally, any link to the app will be device-aware, so if someone goes to Scoreboard, it will direct them to the Apple Store, Lottery website or Android sideload page appropriately.

Q: Will there be a way to block ineligible players from placing wagers?

A: Anyone (public, Lottery employee, retailer, etc) will be able to create and account and login. They will not be blocked. At launch, there isn’t the capability to restrict/block ineligible players from wagering. With that said, management of this will occur via communication of policies outlined in the Terms & Conditions. Security will be creating procedures which will include random checks of wager activity and will be cross referencing that activity against the ineligible player list, with large focus on Lottery staff (since we have their SSN).

Q: Will the standard Dept. of Children’s Services (child support) and Dept. of Human Services (benefit overpayments) checks for debt setoff apply to funds deposited in the account for betting purposes?

A: The debt setoff only applies to winnings/prizes, NOT deposits. To illustrate: Steve owes $800 back child support. He opens up an account and deposits $800 from his checking account. He plays and loses $600. The Lottery cannot touch any of those transactions. With his final $200, Steve wagers on the Blazers to upset the Lakers and he wins $800. His prize winnings go toward paying off or paying down his child support owed.

Q: Why am I being asked to upload documents?

A: In order to maintain the security of the funds you upload to your account, it’s of vital importance that we know that the person using those funds is actually you. For this reason, we ask that you provide information that helps us confirm your identity. If we were not able to fully confirm your identity during registration, we may ask you to provide additional documentation.

You will be asked to upload

  • Copy of your ID, such as your current passport or driver’s license.
  • Copy of a utility bill or bank statement that clearly displays your current address and is dated within the last 6 months

Please ensure documents you submit are:

  1. Complete: All edges are visible
  2. Valid: Expired documents will be rejected
  3. Intact: Damaged documents will be rejected
  4. Original: Scan/Photo of the original document
  5. In color: Black and white documents are not accepted
  6. Clear: Low quality or blurry documents will be rejected
  7. Unedited: Documents altered by graphics software are not accepted
  8. Legitimate: Documents must bear the relevant stamp of the issuing authority
Follow these steps to upload additional documents for verification:

Go to Account section and select My Account. Then select ‘Upload Documents’. Follow the steps listed to provide the required documentation.

Q: I am having trouble funding my Oregon Lottery Scoreboard account with my bank, what is the issue?

A: Some banking institutions do not work with Internet Explorer (IE). Please try using Chrome or Firefox to fund your account.

Q: Where is the Oregon Lottery Scoreboard Customer Support team located?

A: The call center is a team of sports experts located in Las Vegas, NV.

Q: Interested in sharing your winning Oregon Lottery Scoreboard experience?

A: We love to see our winners having fun, and so do our followers! If you’d like us to share your experience, just snap a couple of photos while you’re enjoying your win and email them to us at We’ll do the rest!